The meeting point for this tour will be by the Colonna dell'Abbondanza, in the middle of Piazza della Repubblica, once the heart of Florentia, the Roman Florence. In Piazza della Repubblica will take place an introduction to the figure of Michelangelo Buonarroti, a real giant of the world of art, who spent a large part of his long life here in Florence. The cathedral area, located a short distance from the meeting place, where we will head to, will permit me, instead, to introduce Michelangelo's most important work: the David, created in the beginning of the XVIth century to be initially placed outside the Duomo. But, due to its exceptional result, this position was then changed in favor to the entrance to Palazzo Vecchio, where there is now a faithful copy of that statue. Going back a few years in his life, a quick stop at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi’s courtyard will give me the possibility to talk about the very important years, during the youth of Michelangelo, that he spent living together with Lorenzo the Magnificent and his family in that palace. Palazzo Medici is also important because it introduces another city area closely linked to our artist: Piazza San Marco and the so-called garden of San Marco, where Michelangelo, under the Medici aegis (the place, infact, belonged to them) learned to sculpt. A visit to the Gallery of the Academy of Florence, house of the David and other statues created by Michelangelo, or to the Bargello Museum, the current home of Michelangelo's Bacchus (the statue that served as a visit card for the artist at the time of his arrival in Rome) and another couple of his important works, will be the perfect conclusion of this discovery of Michelangelo’s world. 

Meeting point: Colonna dell’Abbondanza in Piazza della Repubblica

Duration of the tour: 5 hours (€40/hour)

Entrance fees: Gallery of the Academy of Florence would cost 12 or 16 Euros, depending on the period. The price is including booking reservation. Museum of Bargello would cost 11 or 12 Euros, depending on the period. The price is including booking reservation.









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