They open their wings, they plummet towards the earth landing better than aeroplanes, they change the perspective of the world; unpredictable flight paths, soaring rapidly to the sky, imperceptible trajectories, codicils of existential geometry...

Birds, the uncontested rulers of the skies, are found everywhere, having colonised all the lands and seas of the world, adapting to life in the luxuriant rain forests, or in the savannah and the prairies, in the desert, on the most remote islands and even amongst the ice in the polar regions.
They carry with them the incredible and beautiful mystery of migration, which makes them travel thousands of miles, facing extenuating journeys from one part of the world to another, in order to permit their own species to win the great battle for survival.

I will accompany you in some of the most important areas in Italy for birdwatching, and immersed in nature, with glimpses of enchanting landscapes, hearing the sound of delicate birdsong, they will reveal the secrets of the lives of these animals and teach you to recognise the principal species to be found in Italy.

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