Silvia Napoleone - Guida Ambientale

- Silvia Napoleone

Environmental guide

My name is Silvia, I was born in 1990 and I grew up in the countryside in the middle of Chianti, between Florence and Siena. I obtained my walking/nature-guide licence in 2014 and I speak three languages: Italian, my mother tongue; English, which I studied at school, during an experience in Ireland end practicing every day with visitors from all over the world; Swiss German, which I have spoken since birth as my mother is Swiss.
My travels have enabled me to see the world through the eyes of a tourist and gain an understanding of how much a genuine experience can mean. I really appreciate meeting people from every part of the world and helping them discover Tuscany in a simple, natural way as I have done up until now and still do every day! My passions are quite simply: sharing special moments with like-minded people and revealing how people and the environment have co-existed over the centuries in this part of Italy.
I look forward to meeting you!

Nicola Bernini - Guida Turistica

- Nicola Bernini

Tourist guide

Hello everyone, my name is Nicola Bernini (was my actual job already written in my last name? ...) and I live in the heart of Chianti, in the medieval village of Panzano, knighted between two amazing cities, Florence and Siena, where I am fortunate enough to carry out my touristic activity, working in Italian, English and German. Everything started in November 2012, when, passing the exam to become Siena's tourist guide, I started a new adventure in my life, which I continue to live with passion and dedication. Visceral lover of the territory I live in and always interested in getting to know new people, the decision to engage in this profession has come as a natural end to a path of historical-artistic studies that I have undertaken more than 10 years ago in the 'Cradle of the Renaissance': Florence, where I became a tourist guide in early 2017. In addition to the history of art, I love history (the basics of everything), cuisine, nature and folklore, fundamental part of an ancient world there to be discovered in slow and exciting way. So here I am, ready to accompany you to discover 'my places', in my Tuscany, to experience with me!